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Sun Views from My Home

I’m not a sunrise or sunset chaser actually. But since I realized that I have beautiful view of them from my house, I started capturing it with my camera phone only.









The sunset pictures are raw, I didn’t do any editing to them. I took them from the second floor of my house.

I’d love to take sunrise & sunset pictures from other places. But for now, it’s enough. I have my own private sunrise & sunset view.

My Very Own Hand-Painted Yarns, Finally!

I had been dreaming about dyeing & painting yarn for quite a long time. After reading lots of article & watching tons of tutorial video, I finally had a gut to try it out. I chose to do the hand-painting using food coloring so it supposedly safe for my kids & kitchen.

The yarns I used was 100% merino wool from my shop’s yarn line, Papiput Kirthi. Buttery soft, single plied yarn & they were undyed.

Luckily I had some food coloring pastes on my drawer. Never used them before. So with some food coloring, kitchen-ready equipments & kids huge support, I started it.



I really love when I hang them to dry.

Love them even more when I reskeined them!

These 2 colorways were inspired by my kids. They’re cheerful, energetic, full of energy & give my heart a blossom pink of love!

A Day Off

Today I took a day off to go to the bank. With the kids, of course, and my hubby. When I was done with the bank, it’s kid’s fun time!

We went to the nearest waterpark. Nothing would be better than to see your kids’ smiles and laughs, that’s my thought.





And while the kids play with their dad, I knit!



Adding Colors & Get Addicted

I think it’s okay to be addicted to nail polish (yes, it’s a self-defense). But I only buy it occasionally since I’ve finally realized that I rarely wear it. I always throw my polishes away with half bottle empty, it’s a big waste, I know. So, I came up with a better idea that I should buy the mini collection (5ml each bottle) instead of the full bottle (15ml).

This is my first mini collection that I just bought.


It’s Essie Summer 2013 mini collection. I couldn’t resist the cute colors, especially the lime green one!


Essie Collection Summer 2013
5ml each of:
– Naughty Nautical
– Sunday Funday
– The More the Merrier ( my favorite one!)
– Full Steam Ahead

The price in Indonesia is IDR170,000 or around US$15.

Love Letter

Children see magic because they look for it.
Christopher Moore

My 7 y.o son gave me a love letter for me and my hubby last night. He secretly made it by himself, with his own idea. He used his origami papers and cut them into a heart shape.

On the inside he wrote simple words:
“Thank you Mom and Dad
❤ Zidane”

Even the heart-shaped card and the words were so simple, I feel that I’m a very lucky mother.


Birthday Card Pronto!

July 7 was my hubby’s birthday, and when the D-day arrived I didn’t arrange anything! It’s not that I worship birthdays, but I think it feels good to see your beloved one happy.

Luckily, my hubby went for a job that day for about 4 hours in the afternoon. That was the right time to take an emergency action, haha! So I grabbed the car keys and my kids and we went to our favorite bakery shop to buy a cake. It took about 1 hour until we got home again.

Actually I had no idea what else should I give to my hubby, since I didn’t buy any gift. Then, an idea just popped out! I should make him a knitted cake on a birthday card! I only got 20 minutes before he came home. I walked (or ran) to my ‘office’ room and grabbed 4 cakes of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream solids from my stash.


I came with no preparation at all, including the pattern. I had the picture on my mind but I didn’t have enough time to look for the pattern. So I just started it.

Here’s what I used for the birthday card:

  1. 4 balls of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. The colors I used was hot green, robin’s egg blue, white, hot orange. They can be replaced with any worsted weight yarns, I prefer pure cotton or 100% acrylic.
  2. A pair of DPN size 4.0mm.
  3. White paper. Just an ordinary paper. I used size A4.
  4. 3 colors of crayon to draw a candlelight. And any other colors you like to write your message inside the card.


First, I folded the paper twice, lengthwise. Put the paper on landscape position, then fold in half. Repeat it once. Put some glue on the open sides, just on the corners.


Next, off to the knitted cake. This project was the fastest I had! Well of course because garter stitch was the only stitch pattern I used. Cast-on, garter stitch along the way, then cast-off for the decreases, then cast-off for the entire stitches left.

When the knitted cake was ready, I dropped some glue on each of the corner. After the glue dried, I carefully drew the candlelight on the top of the knitted cake.

ImageThe knitted cake was made around 10 minutes. Let’s write the love letter inside! “Children, it’s your turn!”

ImageMy son wrote a simple “happy birthday”. I thought it’s enough as his ‘fonts’ are big.

That was my 15 minutes birthday card! Pretty enough for the recipient as he smiled his biggest smile when we gave him the card!