100% Wool in Tropical Climate?

Yes! I’m on it! Even many people & knitters thought it’s insane, I just keep on doing it.

I’m living in Indonesia. A warm weather country where you can see the sun & have a sun-bath everyday. In the small city I live in, it’s quite cool than most places in Indonesia. 23 to 30 Celcius.

I wear the lightest of my hand-knitted cardigan when it’s cool. Especially when it’s rainy. At that time, many people gets out with their jackets, cardigans or sweaters because it IS cool for our tropical skin.

I love pure wool for its softness, stretch & texture, not the warmth. I’ve tried other fiber such as pure bamboo, pure silk, pure cotton, (pure) acrylic, nothing can compare pure wool!

Below is my new WIP as a proof I’m not kidding on what I said earlier. Wool is cool for me!



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