Photography Amateur

It’s true. I was taking my degree in Journalism when I first pushed the shutter button on the analog SLR camera. And it was not my own camera. So frustrating, because as a journalist-to-be, I was urged to take pictures to put onto the news I write, and it was not the camera-phone era yet.

I learned the basics of photography from a short course back in college and I was not really interested on photography since that hobby was expensive at that time. You had to pay for every single click you made on the shutter button. You needed to buy the film, non-rechargeable batteries, the printing process, etc.

But then at some point I got a crushed on photography. I think it’s because I just have it in my blood. My uncle is a photographer, and so was my grandfather, and so is my cousin, and my father had a huge collection of his hobby of photography.

After years of being a camera-phone-amateur-photography, I finally could buy a real DSLR on July 2012. And I was really happy, it felt like a dream come true! I thought I’m going to take picture as many as I want because it’s digital, I don’t have to pay for many items as I did with the SLR (that my friends had). But the reality seems hard. Developing skills on photography can not be achieved instantly. I got to be patience, keep on practicing and learn from others.

By that, I really wish I could have more time to take pictures, to go to many places, to meet with new people, and to join a photography club. Well, maybe someday I will get those chances. In the mean time, I take pictures just to have fun. Being an amateur is not a crime. Even a professional photographer was an amateur when he started his career!


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