My Very Own Hand-Painted Yarns, Finally!

I had been dreaming about dyeing & painting yarn for quite a long time. After reading lots of article & watching tons of tutorial video, I finally had a gut to try it out. I chose to do the hand-painting using food coloring so it supposedly safe for my kids & kitchen.

The yarns I used was 100% merino wool from my shop’s yarn line, Papiput Kirthi. Buttery soft, single plied yarn & they were undyed.

Luckily I had some food coloring pastes on my drawer. Never used them before. So with some food coloring, kitchen-ready equipments & kids huge support, I started it.



I really love when I hang them to dry.

Love them even more when I reskeined them!

These 2 colorways were inspired by my kids. They’re cheerful, energetic, full of energy & give my heart a blossom pink of love!


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