Adding Colors & Get Addicted

I think it’s okay to be addicted to nail polish (yes, it’s a self-defense). But I only buy it occasionally since I’ve finally realized that I rarely wear it. I always throw my polishes away with half bottle empty, it’s a big waste, I know. So, I came up with a better idea that I should buy the mini collection (5ml each bottle) instead of the full bottle (15ml).

This is my first mini collection that I just bought.


It’s Essie Summer 2013 mini collection. I couldn’t resist the cute colors, especially the lime green one!


Essie Collection Summer 2013
5ml each of:
– Naughty Nautical
– Sunday Funday
– The More the Merrier ( my favorite one!)
– Full Steam Ahead

The price in Indonesia is IDR170,000 or around US$15.


Precious Past

It was Sunday, September 18th 2011 when I finally met my cousin from Holland. It was the first time, ever. She couldn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, she didn’t know who I am, we’re totally strange to each other. But we’re from the same blood. I wouldn’t tell you the whole stories of my grandparents. But I will tell you with these nice pictures taken by my talented uncle (and he is a real photographer!).

My dad and my cousin’s mother are brother and sister. They didn’t live together as other family most did. There was mystery behind all of these stories that our grandparents hide. It’s like rearrange the small puzzle pieces into one big picture. I have lots of my grandparents’ pictures at my house.

Below: my dad on the left and my Opa Don on the right (1970). These two beloved men had passed away.

Below: my grandparents. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

And below are my Opa Don’s grave pictures.. I always remember his whistles, his warm hugs and even his voice. I was 7 years old when he passed away. But I’m much luckier than my cousin, she never met Opa Don even once. But she said that his spirit is very strong and she can feel it.

At that day, I really miss my grandpa. His grave is in Kalibata, a special graveyard belongs to soldiers.