I Can Never Skip Photo-Editing

I have an online yarn shop to be taken care of, that’s why taking photos are most likely what I always do. And not only that, I have to make those photos look very similar with the real ones, making it ‘alive’ and to make people believe that what they see is what they’re going to get. I’m far from perfection.

So after taking photos, I immediately transfer the files to my laptop and edit them. I have to make sure that every single item is well-edited, not too much and especially with the yarns, their colors and textures clearly represent the real ones.

Photo-editing is a very serious issue (for me), as what I have learned from my customers. Some of my customers had told me about photo vs reality problems. One of my customer said that she ordered some yarn from other online yarn shop (in my country of course). The color on the photo was pastel green as my customer said to me. She really loved the color as appeared on her laptop and smartphone. She was very happy. Then the package arrived on the next day. She opened it happily, and.. BOOM! She got electric green.

I’m still learning how to do the photo-editing for products by reading the articles, watch tons of video on Youtube and I’ve never tired of listening to comments, critics and suggestions from everybody, so I can make myself better on it.

Well, these photos are what I’ve got today from the GGH yarns photo session after I edited them. Please click the photo for a better view.

GGH Mussante


GGH Mystik


GGH Samson



Precious Past

It was Sunday, September 18th 2011 when I finally met my cousin from Holland. It was the first time, ever. She couldn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, she didn’t know who I am, we’re totally strange to each other. But we’re from the same blood. I wouldn’t tell you the whole stories of my grandparents. But I will tell you with these nice pictures taken by my talented uncle (and he is a real photographer!).

My dad and my cousin’s mother are brother and sister. They didn’t live together as other family most did. There was mystery behind all of these stories that our grandparents hide. It’s like rearrange the small puzzle pieces into one big picture. I have lots of my grandparents’ pictures at my house.

Below: my dad on the left and my Opa Don on the right (1970). These two beloved men had passed away.

Below: my grandparents. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

And below are my Opa Don’s grave pictures.. I always remember his whistles, his warm hugs and even his voice. I was 7 years old when he passed away. But I’m much luckier than my cousin, she never met Opa Don even once. But she said that his spirit is very strong and she can feel it.

At that day, I really miss my grandpa. His grave is in Kalibata, a special graveyard belongs to soldiers.

Photography Amateur

It’s true. I was taking my degree in Journalism when I first pushed the shutter button on the analog SLR camera. And it was not my own camera. So frustrating, because as a journalist-to-be, I was urged to take pictures to put onto the news I write, and it was not the camera-phone era yet.

I learned the basics of photography from a short course back in college and I was not really interested on photography since that hobby was expensive at that time. You had to pay for every single click you made on the shutter button. You needed to buy the film, non-rechargeable batteries, the printing process, etc.

But then at some point I got a crushed on photography. I think it’s because I just have it in my blood. My uncle is a photographer, and so was my grandfather, and so is my cousin, and my father had a huge collection of his hobby of photography.

After years of being a camera-phone-amateur-photography, I finally could buy a real DSLR on July 2012. And I was really happy, it felt like a dream come true! I thought I’m going to take picture as many as I want because it’s digital, I don’t have to pay for many items as I did with the SLR (that my friends had). But the reality seems hard. Developing skills on photography can not be achieved instantly. I got to be patience, keep on practicing and learn from others.

By that, I really wish I could have more time to take pictures, to go to many places, to meet with new people, and to join a photography club. Well, maybe someday I will get those chances. In the mean time, I take pictures just to have fun. Being an amateur is not a crime. Even a professional photographer was an amateur when he started his career!

100% Wool in Tropical Climate?

Yes! I’m on it! Even many people & knitters thought it’s insane, I just keep on doing it.

I’m living in Indonesia. A warm weather country where you can see the sun & have a sun-bath everyday. In the small city I live in, it’s quite cool than most places in Indonesia. 23 to 30 Celcius.

I wear the lightest of my hand-knitted cardigan when it’s cool. Especially when it’s rainy. At that time, many people gets out with their jackets, cardigans or sweaters because it IS cool for our tropical skin.

I love pure wool for its softness, stretch & texture, not the warmth. I’ve tried other fiber such as pure bamboo, pure silk, pure cotton, (pure) acrylic, nothing can compare pure wool!

Below is my new WIP as a proof I’m not kidding on what I said earlier. Wool is cool for me!